— organized a trip to one or more countries returning to the original destination. The modern market of tourist services offers a number of tours and tourist routes. They all have distinctive features and are addressed to different groups of consumers. Tur is the main result of the activities of the tourism companies acting in the market in the role of tour operators or travel agencies. The development and formation of tours are the tour operators. Implementation of tours can make both tour operators and travel agencies. The tour usually includes a range of various tourist services provided by tourist. Among these services includes: "providing transport service" is the booking and purchase of air, railway and other tickets and transfers, allowing you to reach the destination or travel along the route of travel. "organization of accommodation" — hotels (often with non-standard types of food on All-inclusive), hostels, guest houses, camping sites or rent dwellings, such as apartment, Villa, etc. "tour service" — individual tours can include a variety of excursions, tour guide services, entrance tickets to museums, theatres, shows, concerts and other events.

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